Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about SOMBHABONA.

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Sombhabona is a social welfare organization mainly working for underprivileged children.

Yes. Sombhabona is registered under Department of Social Services-Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Registration number is Dha-09397.

Yes, Sombhabona is a Government registered organization under the Department of Social Services-Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

It starts in 2011. In the evening Some friends were talking suddenly a little girl came and wanted some food to eat. One of the friends gave her some food after that they inspired to help such an underprivileged children by giving education. Gradually they gave a shape of the organization.

You can stand beside sombhabona to reach more underprivileged people by expanding it’s services. You can also invest education program for underprivileged children through Sponsor A Children (SCA).

As soon as sponsorship funds arrive at the project, there is a robust system of checks and balances to make sure that the funds are used, as planned, for the benefit of the sponsored children. These controls include comprehensive auditing of projects, onsite reviews, auditing of national offices and budget evaluations. This is how we ensure that your sponsorship donations are properly used and are truly making a positive difference in benefited child’s life.

Main Object of Sombhabona is to make underprivileged children asset for our country. Growing up them with the basic needs which are their rights.

Currently, sombhabona gets funds from the corporate office and member’s subscriptions.

We Maintenance account by professional accountant.

You can make a donation by visiting. You can also make donation through Mobile banking (Bkash, Roket etc. ). We have also bank account where you can send money. click here for details.

Sombhabona works for developing around you underprivileged children. Which also social responsibility for you. Here you get the change to do that.

You will get details at our websites or mail us [email protected]

We want to expand our services to whole Bangladesh developing underprivileged people step by step.

Sombhabona also work for underprivileged women in our society by Onindito Naree Project. In this project Sombhbona empower women by giving them training of making handicraft, tailoring etc. In future Sombhabona will help these well trained women to build up small business to make them solvency.