SOMBHABONA Believes Deprive Children Are Future Leader Too
Sponsor A Child (SAC) is a personal way to help Unprivileged children as guardian. You can help them for your Humanity or you can donate your Zakat to Ensure their Quality Education for Deprive Children..


Academic education program

In this Sponsorship A Student of Puspokoli school will get the following facilities :

Facilities :

  • Uniform
  • Educational Materials
  • Education according to National Syllabus
  • Co-education
  • Cultural practice
  • Medicare
  • Provide Healthy food
  • Provide facilities on different occasions.
  • Empowering mother to stand beside their family

Type Of Education :

Subject are according to the national educational curriculum

  • Patriotism,
  • Discipline
  • Health awareness
  • Religion.


Religion- Muslim

Project ending time: After successfully completing primary education we will admit them to secondary education program.